Many of our products can be shipped by Priority Mail within the United States. Any item weighing over one pound must be physically presented to the post office for shipment. Our normal shipping day will be on a Monday (Tuesday if a postal holiday). Orders not ready by Monday will be shipped the following week. If an item is too large for postal shipping it will be noted as "shipment by common truck carrier only." Arrangements can also be made to pick up bulky items here at the business location.

Shipping methods for international shipments will be according to regulations for that country. Customs forms MUST be filled out for all international shipments, regardless of value. There is a $5.00 fee for filling out the customs forms and presenting your package to the postal service for shipment. In addition, there is a 10% surcharge for foreign orders shipped outside the USA due to currency exchange rates and credit card processing.

We charge $4.00 handling fee for each box used in shipping. We can normally get more than one item per box, but a lot depends upon what you have ordered. We will use as few boxes as possible to complete your order.

Priority mail does not have insurance against loss or damage. All shipments will have insurance added for each package shipped and those charges will be added to your invoice at cost.

Should you find damage has occurred when you open your package, you must save all your packing materials and the shipping box and immediately file a claim with the postal service. While we take great care to package your items securely, we can't control the care it gets during shipping.

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