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Heron ground stake

Cut from 14 ga steel and painted black and patina finished.

Stands 36" tall x 24" wide.

Mounted to two ground stakes at the feet.

Patina finish will vary with each Heron.


SKU # Heron_patina24x36 Price 52.00
  As above, just different sizes. Heron_patina15x26


Price 28.00

Price 36.00

Heron Egg:

Something along the different, I offer a small heron atop a simulated egg.  The heron can be removed and used as an accent for any potted plant.  Something different which makes my job fun!

(See our Pink Flamingo egg also)

Heron_egg Price 9.95

click picture to enlarge to see details

The heron/dragonfly decorative panel stands about 5' tall x 2' wide.  It is finished with a hand painted exterior enamel paint.  No two are exactly alike, but would be closely similar in paint scheme.  Two ground stakes are attached for easy placement into the ground. Paint finish is black, white, orange and green. Heron/dragonfly pannel Price 90.00

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