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Forged heart with basket twist.  Overall height about 6" x 4" wide.  It is finished with a bronzed aged process and clear coated with a clear protective finish. The center is what we call in the blacksmith trade a forged basket twist. Available with or without marble insert. SKU # Heart1marb (with marbles insert)

Specify red or clear marbles

    SKU # Heart1 (no marble insert) Price 21.95
    Heart1marb_red Price 22.95
    Heart1marb_clear Price 22.95
Heart ringer

Hand forged heart shaped dinner ringer with striker.  Painted with black exterior enamel paint.  Approximately 12" diameter.

SKU # Heart2 Price 17.95

Approximately 12" diameter metal heart with stars and stripes cut out.  Attaches with key ring and swivel for hanging.

Available in antique rust finish.

Heart-stars-stripes Price 19.95

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