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Frog wall plaque

Cut from 14 ga. steel and painted with Rustoleum Hammer Texture green.

The finished size is about 11" x 8" with a mounting hook on back.

SKU # Frog_wall_greenHT Price 12.95



These frogs are all the same basic shape, each is treated differently in the finishing process.

GCF1 has "warts" added to it and bronze colored with clear coat finish.

GCF2 has both "warts and geometric" designs added to it. 

GCF4 frog is a heat treated finish bringing out multiple colors and clear coated.

GCF5 frog has a rust finish to it.

All the frogs are available in 2 sizes.  The small is approximately 12" long x 7" high.  The large frog measures about 18" long x 10" high.

These look great around your aquatic landscape.

Small frogs are $28 each

Large frogs are $40 each

GCF1Small -










Price $28 for small, $40 for large


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