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Scare D Cat

This is generally made from recycled parts consisting of rebar, nails, bolts, nuts, washers and other assorted odds and ends we find.  Each cat is basically painted black, with some detailed reds or greens in the face area.  Rarely do we have two "identical" cats as we try to give a different character to each one.  Each cat is approximately 15" long, 10" wide and 12" tall.

It has been a very popular gift item.

SKU # Scare D Cat Price 19.95
Cat Oval Planter

The principle is basically the same as the Scare D Cat,but larger in size and comes complete with oval planter basket and saucer.  Great for herbs or flowers and makes a unique table setting decoration or place along the entrance to your home.

SKU # Cat_oval_planter Price 29.95
Box Cat

Made from box tubing, nails, bolts, nuts, washers, etc.  Painted black with some color highlights.  About 12" long, 6" high, 8" tall.

SKU # Cat_box1 Price 17.95
Cat - Box Tammy

Same basic design as above, but with some "extras" sure to make you smile.

SKU # Cat_box_tammy

Price 22.95

Cat - Hanging Basket Holder

Cut from 14 ga steel and mounted on back plate.  Two holes are provided to screw into any solid wood surface.

Measures about 12 high x 10 wide and painted black.

SKU # Cat_basket_holder

Price 15.95


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