wall hook

Measures about 10" x 10" and cut out of 3/16" thick steel.  It has been given an aged patina finish.  It can easily support any hanging plant basket or other type items.  Attaches to any wall surface with two screws.  Use as a single accent or put one on each side of your house doorway entrance!

Cut from 14 ga steel, painted in Rustoleum brown hammer textured enamel paint. Measures about 5x7 inches.

Can be custom enlarged to any size you want. Email for price quote.

Hook for hanging basket or other such uses.  Made from 1/8 to 3/16" steel, forged and textured by hand.  Bronze heat treated and clear coated with polyurethane.  Color and texture varies with each piece.  Quite nice!

Sun Wall Hook approximately 12 in. by 16 in. and mounts to any sturdy wall surface. Made from 3/16 in. thick steel — very heavy duty! Great for hanging baskets or other type uses. Aged patina finish.

Welcome Flag Holder.

Designed to hold any vertical flag up to 14" wide.  Plasma cut steel with Rustoleum Hammer texture enamel paint.  Two holes provided for mounting to wood post.

Flag not included.

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