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Blacksmith Metal Art



Available in single or 3 switch cover design.  Black, bronze or copper color.

Made from 14 ga. steel with hammer texture paint.


SKU # Price Order
  Black, single cover Blacksmith_hammer_anvil1bl 10.00
  Bronze, single cover Blacksmith_hammer_anvil1br 10.00
  Copper, single cover Blacksmith_hammer_anvil1cpr 10.00
  Black, 3 cover Blacksmith_hammer_anvil3bl 15.00
  Bronze, 3 cover Blacksmith_hammer_anvil3br 15.00
  Copper, 3 cover Blacksmith_hammer_anvil3cpr 15.00

black with bronze shown

Blacksmith Hammer Anvil Circle.
10" diameter circle, 1/4" thick plate steel with a blacksmith at the anvil attached to the back plate. Black painted circle with bronzed blacksmith

SKU # BHACircle1 21.00
Bronze painted circle with silver finished blacksmith SKU # BHACircle2 21.00
Blacksmith Arrow Chime

Measures about 20" wide x 10" tall not counting the chimes.  Painted in a Rustoleum Hammer textured black finish

SKU # Blacksmith_arrow_chime

Price 52.00

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